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There are all sorts of hand tools available, many of them specialized, and we have a small amount of them here.  If there's something ewe want but don't see here, then post us an eMail question and we'll see if we can come up with the right tool for ewe.


Carding - the Ashford Way

Whatever your needs Ashford Handicrafts have the right carder for you, for fine, thick, short and long fibers!

The Ashford Drum Carder


Card 50g (2 oz) batts.  Adjustable drums to suit all fibers. Clamps and awl included. Choose from 72 point or 36 point.

Use 72 point for fine fleeces and 36 point for stronger fleece types.
Ideas for Use
  1. Card fleece into large 50gm (2 oz) batts.
  2. Blend colors - natural blacks with dyed blue looks stunning!
  3. Blend different fibers - wool and mohair, wool and silk - experiment!
  4. Fleeces with a break and short edge pieces from a fleece card well together to make a batt for felting or a sliver for worsted spinning.
  • It's kinder on the machine to wash fleece before carding.
  • If in constant use, the machine needs regular oiling.

Oiling points:

oil.JPG (10953 bytes)

oil2.JPG (14488 bytes)

Order Info

Hand Carders - Standard, Mini, Student and Flick Carders

For combing fibers to make a rolag for spinning.
Mhcdemo.GIF (4419 bytes) The Standard Handcarders have a fine cloth for fine fibers (108 point) and a coarse cloth for stronger fibers (72 point).

The new Mini Handcarders will help those tired wrists. Comes with 72 point cloth and 108 point cloth.

The Student Handcarders are strong and will handle hard wear. (72 point cloth)

The Flick Carder is the ideal companion.   Take a spinning wheel, a fleece and a flick carder and you have the perfect set for turning fleece into yarn.  (72 point cloth)
Good fleeces only need to have the tips freed for spinning.  There is often no need to fully card quality staples.

Student.JPG (19284 bytes)
Mini.JPG (19959 bytes) Flick.JPG (17954 bytes)
Student Carder Mini Carder

Standard Carder

Flick Carder

An ideal group activity - Many people can prepare a large amount of fibre very quickly with a pair of handcarders
An economical activity - Handcarding is something you can do while doing other things - watching the children play, waiting for the bus, chatting in a group.   The rhythm of handcarding can be very relaxing.

Drum - Fine Teeth:  $   415.00  USD

Drum - Coarse Teeth:  $  400.00  USD

                          Hand Carders ( by the pair ) 

Wool:  $   55.00  USD

Cotton:  $   58.00  USD

Student:  $   54.50  USD

Mini:  $   50.00  USD

Flick Carder ( single ):  $   15.00  USD






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